The Steganography Based On Chaotic System for Random LSB Positions: SBOCSFRLSBP

The Steganography Based On Chaotic System for Random LSB Positions



  • Rusul Mansoor student



Chaotic System, Gray Image, Stego-image, LSB Technique.


The objective of hiding text in an image is hiding text without raising suspicions that the image contains a hidden message or text, which leads to protecting and maintaining text confidentiality. The previous hiding methods have problems in capacity, randomization, and imperceptibility. This paper will be solved some of these problems; we suggested a new method for hiding text in an image. Firstly, encrypting the text by the AES-192 bit algorithm for obtaining a secret message. When the initial key of the AES-192 (bit) algorithm is generated by a chaotic system for randomness purposes, secondly, hiding the secret message is into a gray image for obtaining a stego-image. The hiding step is based on a proposed map that chooses from the last round of key expansion in the AES-192 algorithm. This map represented random positions of LSB in each byte of the gray image. The experimental result of this method proved a successful method based on metric criteria. Also, this method is the very speed for hiding ciphertext in the gray image as well as extracting ciphertext from the gray image. Also, it is very safe because it is difficult for attackers to distinguish between the original image and the stego image therefore the correlation between the original image and the stego- image is very close to 1.


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