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  • Prof.Dr.Maria A. Wimmer Faculty of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Norway



UX, UI, web design, digital references


During the past recent years, there has been tremendous development reaming the concept of digital libraries-a knowledge base that can be stored and retrieved through online networks. Digital libraries are the most complex form of information systems that support digital document preservation, distributed database management, hypertext, filtering, information retrieval, and selective dissemination of information. This has really overcome geographical barriers offering a wide range of academic, research, and cultural resources with multimedia effects that can be accessed around the world over the distributed networks. The paper examines the concept of Digital library, the technology that has enabled its emergence & architecture of the digital library system. It also highlights the digital library projects undertaken in USA, UK, and India. Here the authors explored the unique feature of digital library and possible challenges ahead for library and information professionals in the digital environment.


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