Smart robot using in smart homes

Smart robot using in smart homes


  • Bellatca Naptsoksch Prof.Dr. Bellatca Naptsoksch



the smart robot is an important part of the smart homes system, in this research the Arduino Vacuum Cleaner we built is very compact and practical for potential office and home use. The developed robot is disk-shaped, equipped with vacuuming and cleaning technology and controlled by Arduino nano.

It sucks dirt via a retractable dustbin, using a fan within a motor. the device will be deployed for office and home use thereby making cleaning a fully autonomous duty. This robot will have ultrasonic sensors and an IR proximity sensor. The ultrasonic sensor will allow the robot to avoid obstacles so that it can move freely until the room is properly cleaned, and the proximity sensor will help it to avoid falling from stairs.

One of the most important features of our floor cleaning robot is that it is fast and flexible in movement, able to deal with all dirt and stains on floors without human intervention.

It is also characterized by the fact that it can be disassembled and installed with ease and simplicity, so that in the event of a malfunction, any malfunction will be repaired at the same time. It is also characterized by possessing sensors, so it can identify the .It is possible to develop this technique to become more used in various fields. Because we are in the world of technology development, it becomes very easy to develop such

projects to benefit from them in daily life.


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