Online translated system: DESIGN AND Implementation: Online translated system: DESIGN AND Implementation

Online translated system: DESIGN AND Implementation

Online translated system: DESIGN AND Implementation


  • Sundresan perumal



API, online translation, Microsoft translator, HTS


In the presence of technology and taking into account the concept of globalization, the application of chat is one of the most important aspects of our daily life to use different purposes that meet the needs of education, business and personal communication where the barrier is the language in most cases. Although we can send text using the chat app but there is still no known chat app where people can chat in different languages with the help of automatic translation system. Here the author decided to develop a mobile application with a chat and translation system in which users can chat in their preferred language for the translation system. Businessmen will help to facilitate communication with their foreign partners and students can talk to their friends abroad. It is useful to learn different languages and is useful to communicate with each other. Users only need to select the language they want to chat from the specified system. The system will use the Microsoft Translator API to translate in different languages.


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