A Review of Hash Function Types and their Applications

A Review of Hash Function Types and their Applications


  • Haifaa Ahmed Hasan




Cryptography, Wireless Security, Network Security, Internet of Things, Defense Security, IOT


In the recent decade, global community has been one of the world's most prominent targets of terrorist strikes. There is still study being done and improved efficiency procedures needed in this sector, however the security forces and law enforcement agencies are creating and launching high security weaponry to secure their territories. There is a huge necessity to include the greater level of protection into military vehicles in the wake of several terrorist attacks and sniffing of security officers. Terrorists rely heavily on infiltration while avoiding detection by security measures because of the holes in these hypothetical situations. This paper presents the central methods of hash functions, cryptography and dynamic encryption that may be utilised by the military personnel to increase the safety, privacy, and resistance to sniffing of their communications with one another. This article details the many methods and algorithms that may be included into laser guided defensive weapons and vehicles to provide safe communication across the system.


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