Topological Mappings Based on SPG*-Closed Set

Topological Mappings Based on SPG*-Closed Set


  • Ali Khalaf Hussain Wasit University / College of Pure Sciences
  • Marwa Munther Hassan Education College for Pure Science, Wasit University, Iraq



spg-closed set, SPG*-closed map


In this paper, we introduce the concept of SPG*-closed mapping and continuous mapping among which SPG-closed mappings, SPG*-closed mappings and SPG**-closed mappings and the relationship between them, and also SPG-continuous mappings, SPG*-continuous mappings and SPG**-continuous mappings and the relationship between them. Among the result we obtain are the concepts of SPG**-closed mappings and closed mappings are independent also PG**-continuous mappings and continuous mapping are independent.


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