Topological Spaces F_1And F_2

Topological Spaces F_1And F_2


  • Jassim Saadoun Shuwaie wasit
  • Prof. Ali Khalaf Hussain Education College for Pure Science, Wasit University, Iraq



〖 F〗_1 space and〖 F〗_2 space


The aim of This work is to present new types of spaces, which are space and space, based on the definition of new types of open sets, which is the feebly open set. we study there the basic properties and also obtained the effects between space and space and with the known space and with closed and open sets.


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Saadoun Shuwaie, J., & Khalaf Hussain, A. (2022). Topological Spaces F_1And F_2. Wasit Journal of Computer and Mathematics Science, 1(2), 62–70.




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