New Types of Continuous Function and Open Function

New Types of Continuous Function and Open Function


  • Nassir Ali Zubain Education College for Pure Sciences, Wasit University, Iraq
  • Ali Khalif Hussain Computer Sciences and information Technology College, Wasit University, Iraq



semi-continuous, semi α-continuous


In this paper, we continue to study the properties of the relation with some type of open sets, and we introduce  -continuous function, semi-continuous function, -continuous function, and  -continuous function are studied and some of their characteristics are discussed. In this work, we need to introduce the concepts of function, especially the inverse function to find all continuous function, so we want to prove some examples, theorems, and observations of our subject with the help of new concepts for the alpha-open sets of sums to make it easier for us to find a relationship between these formulas as well as the converse relationship has been studied and explained with illustration many examples. Hence, reaching to get a relationship (continuous, -continuous, semi -continuous) function at new condition. 



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Ali Zubain, N., & Khalif Hussain, A. (2022). New Types of Continuous Function and Open Function. Wasit Journal of Computer and Mathematics Science, 1(2), 55–61.




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