An Improved Method for Hiding Text in Image Using Header Image

An Improved Method for Hiding Text in Image Using Header Image


  • nada abdul aziz mustafa University of Baghdad/College of Languages



Steganography, information hiding, LSB method, stego-analysis, digital image.


The necessities of steganography methods for hiding secret message into images have been ascend. Thereby, this study is to generate a practical steganography procedure to hide text into image. This operation allows the user to provide the system with both text and cover image, and to find a resulting image that comprises the hidden text inside. The suggested technique is to hide a text inside the header formats of a digital image. Least Significant Bit (LSB) method to hide the message or text, in order to keep the features and characteristics of the original image are used. A new method is applied via using the whole image (header formats) to hide the image. From the experimental results, suggested technique that gives a higher embedding of several stages of complexity. Also, LSB method via using the whole image is to increase the security and robustness of the proposed method as compared to state-of the-art methods.


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