Design and Performance Analysis of Hybrid Electric Vehicles using Matlab/Simulink


  • Yitong Niu Belarusian-Russian University, Mira Avenue 43, Mogilev, 212000, Republic of Belarus
  • Vugar Abdullayev Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan



Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Fuzzy System, Power System, Matlab/Simulink


In this paper introduces an integrated method for the design and performance analysis of hybrid electric vehicles. This method considers a set of parameters that influence the system's performance. This project presents an approach for modelling electric vehicles considering the vehicle dynamics, drive train, rotational wheel and load dynamics. The performance of the hybrid electric vehicle is not satisfactory owing to the difficulties of optimal gain selections. To overcome this problem, a new fuzzy logic controller is required to set the rules for better performance. Therefore, in this project fuzzy logic-based gain tuning method for PID controller is proposed and compared with some previous control techniques for the better performance of electric vehicles with an optimal balance of acceleration, speed, travelling range, improved controller quality and response. The model was developed in MATLAB/Simulink, simulations were conducted, and results were observed


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